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Vision                                 国際貢献   
Contribution to 
the International Community


To keep a human being alive, what is consideredessential is life's wisdom including education.
Education is not for competition. It is not meant to gain knowledge just to outgo one another. It is not to create "ranking lists" among human beings. Much less, it is not for entrance tests or examinations. The purpose of education should be to make one think how to live his life to the fullest.
  2007-2008年    合計 ¥ 4,726

Kokoro    \  1,645
Ku       \  900
Leon      \  871
Gen      \   840
Kyle     \   470

Globalization is moving very fast that with only a click of the finger, one would be able to see what is happening on the other side of the world. But it is also due to globalization that we realize how wide tha gap now between the rich and the poor. Before we only know for a fact that there are rich people and poor people. But now, because of globalization, we found out that there are the poorest of the poor and the richest is the rich. The gap is wide...and it is getting wider. But then, little do we know that however wide the gap is between the two lifestyles, everyone is created equal.    2005-2006年度   ¥ 12,978

Taishin ¥ 1,925
Takaaki  \  1,180
Ray    \  1,800
Yudai   \  2,330
Tsubame \  3,005
Kyle    \   420
Leon   \  1,098
Sophie  \   100
Kokoro  \  480
Ku     \  530
Gen    \   80
Sorato  \   30


We let this huge subject of contributing to the International Community be practiced here in PTC. For small children, helping people is a common thing. They think that it is normal to give to those who do not have or to help those who needs help. But these children do not understand the value and the very meaning of giving and helping. In PTC, we make them understand the purpose of doing
good deeds others. We make children learn to volunteer naturally without pride and with all humility.
 2004-2005年度   合計: ¥ 15,215

    Shirabe      ¥   1,797
    Ray        ¥   2,741
    Taishin      ¥   2,762
    Takaaki     ¥   1,504
    Tsubame     ¥   3,850
    Yudai        ¥   1,150
    Kyle        ¥     422
    Leon       ¥     500
    Kokoro      ¥    250
    Ku         ¥    240 


The said subject is really very difficult to teach to little children.
But I try to take it up through everyday actions, by teaching them the value of giving, and explaining to them the real meaning of sharing.