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Is it possible to apply my child even if s/he is still  wearing a diaper?
It is possible to apply your child even if s/he is still      wearing diaper.PTC accepts a child from 2.5 years old even if s/he is still wearing diapers. PTC can work together with the parents to trian the child inusing the toilet. This certain age is the good age to start toilet-training.
We are a little worried about leaving our child in PTC because s/he is spoiled and s/he cries easily.
Children do not really cry in school much. They are not    really spoiled and they do not really cry easily. In PTC, we
 try to capture each child's heart and they may change  right away after 1 or 2 weeks later. After that period, they  wil not act spoiled and will not cry much. We give parents  accurate advice and this will give them ideas on how to   bring their children up.
Do the children have uniform in school ?
We have the sweatshirts and shirts that have the school's  logo printed on it that we use for the outside activities and
various school events.
Do you have any religion in school ?
We do not have any particular religion in school. 
Do you serve lunch ?
We do not serve lunch. We require the parents to prepare a well-balanced and nutritious food for their children.
Students in PTC finish their lunches everyday and never   leave any food in their lunch boxes. Some parents prepare  big lunches because their children do not eat at home.
This is not good. So we ask parents to prepare just the right amount of food that is easy for the children to finish.
Is it possible to send my child to school by car ?
It is all right to send your child here in school by car.     Further information on this topic will be given after your   child's enrolment in PTC.
Can my child attend a 1-day trial class in your     school ?
We do allow a 1-day trial here in PTC.
Can a child be applied even if both parents cannot  speak English ?
The school can communicate with the parents in Japanese  so this should not be a worry for Japanese parents.      Children will only speak in English.
Do the children have nap time ?
We do not have a nap time in our schedule. But when a   child is sleepy, we let him/her rest and take a nap.
Do you have a snack time ?
 We have a snack time in the morning and we serve juice   and rice crackers or cookies.
How much is the school's tuition fee ?
If you will request for a brochure by mail, the school will   send you all the information including the details about the tuition and other fees.
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