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Educational Attitude  

<Imagination and Fantasies>

PTC observes children's capabilities generously ans our teachers deal withchildren by having the same feeling with them when they want to do somethingand show the way to guide them.
We lay the base to guide children to develop their capabilities with imagination and fantasies with open mind and bring them up gently and peacefully by avoiding early maturity so that they become a person of big and sound character.
Our international kindergarten has unique educational curriculum in English basically for the purpose that they will have a strong will and courage to be able to live in any country in the future.
<Peaceful and less strict Education>    

We observe each child to find "what he/she likes to do" and " what he/she is good at " and bring them up without denying their essential nature.
We provide preschool children, while they are in the most important time of character formation, with peaceful and less strict education and child-care environment by avoiding early intellectual education for so that they can demonstrate their talents innate to them in the future.

<Challenge >

By motivating children to try to do everything even though they cannot do well and developing
children's capabilities little by little, children can feel happy, confident and will have a will to challenge new things. Thus we cheer them up, encourage them, smile for them and learn with them, while setting a good example to them. It is our extreme pleasure to see children's growth.

<Human Education >

Aiming at human education rather than intellectual education, we hope children will find what they like to do and take a step to achieve it through various experiences and finally to live a useful life.

<Gradual awakening >

With the motto of "Go back to nature" PTC Pacific International School makes children understand the structure of nature by nature education and let them deal with nature by learn-by doing -teaching. We are making efforts to develop their capabilities gradually by heightening the sensitivity they have with images and fantasies.
In everyday child-care, we try to be modest and humble to be a model for children to imitate by watching animals and plants which live in severe nature without being extinct, which can be a help for us to think how people should live.

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